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MakaNet Ltd is a satellite bandwidth reseller based in New Zealand. We partner with global satellite providers to bring you the most affordable broadband solution. Our footprint covers the South Pacific including New Zealand.

We also specialise in Website Design, Domain Name Registration, Email, Hosting, SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Printing and other cool online solutions to make your brand stand out from the rest.

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What we do

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  • Website Design
  • Domain Name registration
  • Emails & Hosting
  • SEO & Social Media Integration
  • Digital Marketing & Printing

We love playing with our gadgets and tinkering with cool applications so with your input, we can accelerate your vision.

Fast Internet Anywhere

MakaNet’s low cost business model allows Internet service providers to deliver bandwidth of world-class quality at big-city speeds and affordable prices to people in rural and remote areas. ISPs will be able to offer a high quality satellite broadband service differentiated by speed, cost and ease of installation.


Satellite Broadband

Website Development


Domain names

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